Period of research work Topic/Field of Research work Publication of research paper Whether appreciated by MCI/ Government Application of research results for benefit of community – from when and how many people are benefiting.
Feb 2006 to Jan. 2008 1 .A clinical study of the stage of diabetic retinopathy and associated systemic risk factors in diabetic presentation to a tertiary eye care center in eastern Orissa. (Dr. S.S.) Yes, DNB Board
Feb 2006 to Jan. 2009 2. Comparative study of surgical outcome of manual small incision Cataract surgery in patients with or without pseudoexfoliation. (Dr.M.B) -do-
Aug.2006 to July 2008 3. Microbial spectrum of infectious Keratitis in a Referral Eye care center in Orissa. (Dr.A.R) -do-
Aug.2006 to July 2009 4. Evaluation of Ocular Trauma in Children. (Dr.J.S) -do-
Feb. 2007 to Jan.2010 5.Incidence & risk factors of Retinopathy of prematurety in a tertiary new born intensive care units. (Dr.A.G) -do-
Aug. 2008 to July 2011. 6. Intravitreal triamcinolone versus Revacizumab for the treatment of Refractory Diabetic Macula Oedema. (Dr.G.M) -do-
2003-2004 7. Survey of all Blind Schools of Orissa (Dr.N.R.D) Govt. of Orissa Blind schools given advice on improving LVA /specs distributed to required persons
Jan/Feb. 2009 8. Plan to take Childhood blindness in Orissa (Dr.N.R.D) Govt. of Orissa Implementation in process – funds sought- Beneficiaries – all children of Orissa.
Jan. 2009 9. Surgical outcome of childhood Traumatic Cataract in a tertiary care hospital of eastern India. (Dr.N.G.) AIOS, Jaipur 2009
Feb. 2006 10. Success rate of probing in Congenital NLDO – a retrospective study. (Dr.N.G) 11. Unusual case of total Ophthalmoplegia – a case report. (Dr.N.G) AIOS, Bhopal 2006.
Jan. 2008 12. Incidence of ROP at Neonatal ICUs at Tertiary care centers of Orissa (Dr.S.M) AIOS – 2008, Bangalore
1. Idiopathic Retinal Vasculatitis and Neuroretinitis – response to oral steroid (Dr.S.M) Presentation VRSI – 2006, Kochin.
2. Our experience with Intrevitreal Bivacizu (Avastin) as unitherapy in untreated CNVMs of varied Etnology. (Dr.S.M) Presentation VRSI, Mossurei – 2007
3. A rare case of DME with CSCR presenting as Psedohypopyon over Macula.(Dr.S.M) Presentation VRSI – Kolkata 2008
4. BRIEF REPORT – Intrevitreal live Adult Bregian Filariasis. (Dr.S.M) Paper IJO 2008, Vol 56, Issue – I
5. Visual outcome of pars plana Vitrectomy with Intraocular FB removal through Sceral turnel and PC IOL Implantation as a single procedure in case of Retinal IOFB and Traumatic Cataract. (Dr.S.M) AIOS 07 – Hyderabad
6. Role of Silicon oil in Management of Traumatic endophthalmitis (Dr.S.M) AIOS – Bhopal 2006.
Treatment outcomes after pars plana vitrectomy with silicone oil tamponade for traumatic endophthalmitis” for International Journal of Journal IJO-2011-0086
Ophthalmology. Paper on Ocular Truma profile World Congress on Occular Truma on October 2012 at Jaypore
External DCR with Siliastic tube Orissa State Ophthalmology Conference December 2012
Recent advances in Vitreo-Retinal Research”
2013 A rare case of DME with CSCR presenting as Pseudohypopyon over Macula, Retinal Anigiomas : A case series and Multiple intraocular Caterpillar Paper Annual Meet of Vitreo Retinal Society of India (VRSI) 2013
Dancing Diva” – Live Gnathostoma in vitreous of eye – A case Report. Paper AIOC 2013, Agra
Multiple Intra Ocular Caterpillar hair Paper AIOC 2013,Agra
2014 Conduction of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Squint CME Paper State Oph. Conference 2013
Unique Identification Tag in High Volume Cataract Ex set Up Paper Asia Pacific
Endophthalmitis rate post Cataract Surgery Present scenario in the use of Anti VEGF in the management of Diabetic Retinopathy IOP raise after VR surgery –out Paper ACOIN(Association of Community Ophthalmologist of India) at IMA House, MKCG Medical College Campus, Berhampur
2015 of flying pan into the fire Paper EIZOC
Vitreous Hemorrhage Cricket ball can be terminator for eyes Paper Paper EIZOC
 2016 NUH Eye International Congress   Rare Case of Bilateral Syphilitic Retinochoroiditis in this Non-Syphilitic Era  
,, ,, Retinal Angioma: A Case Series
,, EIZOC Intravitreal Injections Controversies
,, AIOS Retinopathy of Prematurity – Are Muslim babies more prone!!
2017 Intraoperative
VRSI Intraoperative Choroidals DOnt Lose Your Nerve
2018 Long-term effects of Intravitreal
VRSI Dexamethasone with DME as Initial Therapy
2019 AIOS ACIOL – An Effective Way to Manage Traumatic/ Surgical Aphakia in the Era of SF/Glued IOL
,, ,, Vidyajyoti – Novel School Eye Health Programme
,, ,, Oral Citicholine: A New Ray of Hope in Management of Amblyopia
,, ,, Role of Intravitreal Dexamethasone Implant as the primary therapy in DME
2020 AIOS Multipiece PCIOL as futureless, clueless SFIOL
,, ,, Retrospective Analysis of Scleral Tear Repair in a Tertiary Eyecare Centre in Eastern India
,, ,,
Fundoscopic guided FA-free Focal Laser Photocoagulation for CSR
2021 AIOS AIOS – APOS K.Vengala Rao Award : Multipiece PCIOL As Sutureless, Glueless SFIOL
,, ,, Phase 1/2 Study of Intravitreal Gene Therapy For Vision Restoration in Advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa
,, ,, Developing Ophthalmic OT Protocols for Zero Infection and COVID Prophylaxis
,, ,, Prevalence of Asthenopia during the COVID Era in a Tertiary Care Centre of Eastern India
,, ,, The SFIOL platter: current paradigms
2022 VRSI Update session on Cell & Gene Therapy
,, ,, 52-week open-level dose escalation study to evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Multi-Characteristic Opsin in patients with advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa
,, ,, Innovative no-cost Supra choroidal triamcinolone acetate (SCTA) A delivery system
,, AIOS 52 Weeks Safety and Efficacy of Optogenetic Therapy for Vision Restoration in Advanced Retinitis Pigmentosa
,, ,, 52 Weeks Safety and Efficacy of Optogenetic Therapy for Vision Restoration in Retinitis Pigmentosa with ABCA4 Mutation
,, ,, Non-HIV Ocular Syphilis in Non-Syphilitic Era: A Case Series
,, ,, Techniques & Technologies to conquer Brunescent Cataracts
,, ,, Safety & Efficacy Profile of Intravitreal Dexamethasone vs Ranibizumab in Treatment-Naive DME
,, ,, Large Intraorbital Wooden Foreign Body Extending to Opposite Maxilla Sparing Vital Structures
,, ,, Bilateral Choroidal Mass: Are We Dealing With Tuberculosis?